New Website Format

David Bly Summer 2008

Welcome to my new website.  My hope is that this new format will make it easier for visitors to the site to find the information about my campaign and candidacy.  I owe thanks to Holly Cairns who helped me make this possible.  My blog posts now appear more in a magazine style format and you can still find campaign info like how to donate and volunteer.   Scroll down on the right and you’ll find links to past posts by topic.  Scrolling down even more  on my page you will find RS feeds from related sources, making it a one stop platform for progressive views. You’ll also find some short videos and links to my radio programs about the economy and information about my book. Otherwise hope to see you on the campaign trail.  I am out door knocking across the district and parade season is starting up.  Here I am in a photo with my campaign manager, Terry Rogers and supporter Sharon Gates Hull as we prepared for the Veseli 4th of July Parade a couple years back.  Come join us for this year’s parade it’s a week and a half away.

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