Nov. 26 – Thanksgiving Day – Update



Dear Neighbors,

Thanksgiving marks a time of the year when we get together with family, friends and those we love to share a meal and celebrate everything we’re grateful for. It’s also a time when we reflect on how the last year has treated us and what we can do to give back to the people of our community.

In a time when the challenges we face locally and abroad cause us to fear each other, it’s important to remember the goodness in people and be thankful for those moments of kindness and love we see in each other when tragedies occur. While we must not ignore the darkness and danger that exists, it is through our reaching out to each other, beyond our fears, where we find peace and understanding.

Minnesota had only been a state for 5 years, with our sons and daughters sacrificing in the Civil War, when President Lincoln proclaimed the first Thanksgiving. Since then, through both prosperous and challenging times, our state and nation have always found time to mark this day and give thanks.

This year I’m especially thankful for my family, my friends, and every day I have that’s full of those I love and care about. I’m thankful for the things Minnesota excels at and the opportunities we have for improvement, from our wonderful outdoors and recreational opportunities, to our education system, transportation infrastructure, and services that help those most in need. I’m grateful to the people who get up each and every day to serve our community, from those who keep us safe, to those who educate us, and those that provide vital services we often overlook. I’m also deeply grateful for the trust you’ve placed in me to represent you and the issues you care about at the State Capitol.

Minnesota’s nation-leading turkey industry took a big hit with the H5N1 Avian Influenza this year. Thankfully, things are getting better, but there are still risks of a recurrence hitting our turkey producers. Please support our turkey producers and as you give thanks this year, think of the hardships many of them have gone through to provide you with this meal.

Also, if you’re planning to do any bargain hunting or post-Thanksgiving shopping, please consider taking part in “Small Business Saturday,” on Saturday, November 28th. Shopping locally and at small businesses is a huge boost to our economy. Money spent at small businesses, on products made locally, or even on a meal from a local restaurant, stays in our economy longer and is a bigger boost to Minnesota than dollars spent elsewhere.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and ideas on issues you’re having or those you would like to see addressed at the Capitol. Please don’t hesitate to contact me by responding by email or calling my office.


David Bly


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