Only a few days left in the Campaign!

Voters are telling me that these are anxious times but that they feel hopeful about the potential for change in our future. We face unprecedented challenges from a faltering economy to global climate change. But most of you feel that it is not beyond our ability as a state and a nation to make necessary changes.

Together, let’s turn challenges into opportunity, put people to work earning livable wages, and guarantee access to the healthcare we need. We can clean up our environment and preserve it for generations to come, while still meeting the needs of our farmers. We can once again make college affordable and make sure young children come to school ready to learn. We can invest in our schools to make sure our kids get the education they need. We can get back to building a better Minnesota.

These are the things I have heard as concerns, and these are the things I care about and work for at the State Legislature. I look forward to serving you in the years to come. I hope you will consider voting for me on Nov. 4th.

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