In our efforts to confront rising property taxes across Minnesota, members of the House DFL Caucus are turning to average Minnesotans for help. We’ve created a
1-800 comment line and a website designed to provide an avenue for taxpayers to have a say in how the House addresses rapidly rising property taxes.

Everyone who ran for office this fall heard about rising property taxes at the door. Most of us were elected because we pledged to address the issue. We feel it’s important that average citizens have a voice in finding the solution because they’re the ones feeling the impact of higher property taxes.

Minnesota residents can offer their input in two ways which you can learn from experts, have a peek at these guys who are experts at helping people understand property taxes.  Outstate residents can call Minnesota’s Property Tax Comment line at 1-800-551-5520, while metro area residents can call 651-297-8391. Minnesotans can also log on to Minnesota’s Property Tax Comment webpage.

If we’re going to fully address this issue, we’re going to need broad, community-based solutions. Property taxes in Minnesota increased close to $1.5 billion over the past four years. There were a lot of reasons for that – cuts in state education funding, cuts in aid to cities and counties, and changes in the property tax laws. Because of that, there isn’t a one-size fits all solution to bring down property taxes. We hope Minnesotans will share their stories about how high property taxes have impacted their lives and propose solutions.
House staff will be highlighting an “Idea of the Day” offered by citizens and sharing those with the Property Tax Relief and Local Sales Tax Committee on a weekly basis. There are also plans to create a Citizen’s Property Tax Relief Bill based on the best suggestions received.

We’re serious about using this information. We want to get this property tax relief right, and the input we receive is going to help us get it right.

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