Property Tax Refunds are Increasing

apartmentsSeveral hundred thousand Minnesota families can expect an increase in their property tax refunds: homeowners can see a three percent increase in their property tax refunds and renters can expect a six percent increase if the full legislature passes the recommendation of the House‚Äôs Property Tax and Local Division Report. For those who have submitted their property tax refund forms, the increase will be calculated automatically and no additional forms need to be filed. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Ann Lenczewski, says “We believe this is a responsible way to continue expanding our economy from the middle-out while maintaining our stable budget into the future.”

The Minnesota Budget Project reports that in 2011, the Renters Credit was cut by 13 percent, and this action is a step towards mitigating that cut, but it doesn’t completely cancel out the decrease.

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