Property Tax Relief (HF1222)

Star Tribune editorial writer and columnist Lori Sturdevant wrote in an editorial piece on April 27 that homeowners’ property taxes over the last 6 years have increased, on average, 82%. In the upcoming year, taxes are forecast to increase 7.7%. These increases are forcing many homeowners into difficult financial problems.

This Legislature is committed to helping those who cannot afford these increases to stay in their homes. Two DFL legislators, House DFL tax chair Ann Lenczewski (DFL Rep for District 40B) and property tax division chair Paul Marquart (DFL Rep for District 09B), are working together and have co-authored a bill (HF1222). According to Sturdevant, “Lenczewski and Marquart proposed to ease the property tax burden on homeowners least able to bear it, by putting the state’s property tax refund program, or “circuit breaker,” on steroids. It would bulk up state refunds to homeowners whose property tax burdens are disproportionately high relative to their incomes, making it big enough to block next year’s expected property tax increases for a majority of Minnesotans.”

Review HF1222 and follow it through the Legislature. Go the MN House website and type “HF1222” in the search for bills by number.

3 thoughts on “Property Tax Relief (HF1222)

  1. Peter Millin says:

    Just more of the same old ideas Mr. Bly tax the “rich” and give to the poor.
    No proposals on slowing down goverment growth. No proposals on spending cuts just another re-distribution of wealth.
    Great! With increases in gas tax and other goverment fees we still manage to run a deficit.
    Maybe one day you can explain to me that despite a constant dollar increase in state tax revenue we sill raise taxes and we still run a deficit…seems like the more money St. Paul collects the more you guys spend.
    This is not how it works in the real world.

  2. Matt Miesner says:

    You began your piece by quoting the tribune…”homeowners’ property taxes over the last 6 years have increased, on average, 82%. In the upcoming year, taxes are forecast to increase 7.7%.” Rep Bly, I’m sure you’re astute enough to know why our taxes are going up. Why don’t you try cutting the myriad of boated government programs instead of raising our taxes and then acting like the caped crusader to the rescue by throwing us a bone with a few tax rebates.

    Am I also to assume that my property taxes may remain rediculiously high while my next door neighbor who may not work as hard as I do, and therefore not make as much as I do, will be paying less?!

    Let’s try another concept…CUT GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND LOWER TAXES!

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