Remebering Robert Kennedy


June 6, 2007 Remembering Robert F. Kennedy November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968 (-39)

April 4, 1968  – Just after he arrived by plane at Indianapolis, Robert F. Kennedy was told of Martin Luther King's death. He was advised by police against making a planned campaign stop which was in a part of the city considered dangerous. But Kennedy insisted on going. Indianapolis was one of the only cities to have no rioting that night following Martin Luther Kings assassination.  Robert Kennedy gave an impromptu speech that night and it was one of his most memorable – Audio 

Thirty-Nine Years Ago on June 6, 1968 just before his assasination he gave the following speech…

RFK – Part 1 Last Speech Ambassador Hotel com/watch?v=vXuHcQ1Mrqs

RFK – Part 2 com/watch?v=ae7H0aWFWNY&NR=1 

Other speeches       

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