Saving Our Middle Class Society

The American middle class is losing ground financially and losing hope in what the future holds for themselves and their children.

Our middle class society is so threatened that I believe we need bold action. That’s why I have asked the Minnesota Legislature to consider a constitutional amendment that would make it clear that maintaining our middle class society is, and will continue to be, central to our policy making.

My strategy for maintaining our middle class society is to focus on five building blocks:

….. a safe reliable Transportation system

….. quality Education for all citizens

….. access to comprehensive Health Care

….. living wage Jobs

….. a safe and clean Environment

These are not “good ideas” that we pursue when the opportunity is right, and compromise other times. These are not things we “pick and choose” from, promoting one during one legislative session and another the next. Leave any of the five building blocks go, and we have serious problems in the foundation of our middle class society.

Only a comprehensive, enduring approach will keep us strong, democratic, and growing. We need the commitment that only a constitutional amendment can bring about.

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