On Thursday, December 6, 2007, after hearing from four strong candidates which included Kevin, Anne Miller, Executive Director of the nonprofit Grasstops, Inc., Mick McGuire, Mayor of dahle_welcome.jpegMontgomery, and Don Sauter, a teacher from Arlington, the 39 executive members of the District 25 Democrats selected Kevin Dahle as their candidate. After Kevin gave an inspiring speech that warmed up the crowd, a sixth ballot was taken and Kevin won the endorsement. All the candidates were very positive and talked almost exclusively on how they could help the residents of Senate District 25.

Kevin Dahle has 23 years experience teaching civics, political science and economics in various high schools and is currently a teacher in the Northfield High School. He has been president of the Northfield Education Association for approximately 10 years, served as Council of Local Presidents for Education Minnesota (EdMN), and is a member of the Northfield Arts Guild and the Historical Society. He also is a former wrestling coach and took over my job directing high school plays.

I have known Kevin for 14 years. He is an excellent teacher and one of the best EdMN presidents I have had the privilege to know. Kevin is knowledgeable and is a great advocate. He is more than just a teacher. He grew up and taught in small towns. He understands what it means to work hard and get your hands dirty when you have to. His support for affordable health care, strong environmental policies, and a continuous and positive leadership role in education, will be needed in the near future. In addition, he is a strong advocate of local government, a proponent for small businesses and will be a strong representative in the Minnesota Senate for the farming community. To learn more about Kevin Dahle, visit his web page.


  1. Charles and Delrae Weerts says:

    Rep. Bly,

    This email is in reference to the CAPX2020 power line proposed to run through our area. We live in Rice Co. at the Skyharbor airpark (airport) near Webster, MN. There is a proposed alternate route to run this huge transmission line very near the airport which is a serious hazard to aircraft landing and taking off at the airport. Please help to keep this transmission line from becoming a hazard to pilots using the airport..