Sharing the Pie

When I read Ray’s June 18, 2004 blog posting, “Politics get(sic) ugly for some folks,” I wondered why he would be concerned about a DFLer’s problems with campaign finance. I even wondered if Ray was concerned about some of his own campaign practices. After receiving a letter of the same date from his close friend House Speaker Steve Sviggum, his blog about ‘ugly politics’ may make more sense. As one of my campaign workers says, ‘Negativity happens!’

It’s not everyday you get a letter from the Speaker of the House. Was Rep. Steve Sviggum’s letter meant to be threatening? Is it the ‘ugly politics’ Ray referred to? Judge for yourself – here’s the letter:

Here’s my Manager/Attorney’s response:

Doesn’t the Speaker of the House have better things to do than to accuse me of the horrific ‘crime’ of talking to constituents in the park and offering pie and ice cream? Doesn’t the Speaker of the House, who in essence writes many laws, have legal counsel that can advise him about the exception that clearly allows serving refreshments at a public meeting? Doesn’t the Speaker of the House know that negative tactics don’t work in Northfield?

This is more of the same, from the Republicans, remember Doug Jones letter to the Northfield News, with its erroneous accusations about my campaign.

Maybe we all need to tell them to stick to the issues, and to get to work! Speaker Sviggum can be reached at (651) 296-2273 or (507) 789-4673; by mail at 42490 – 60th Ave., Kenyon, MN 55946; and .

I’m running for House because I want to get things done – I’m ready to get to work, to make Minnesota better. I want to share the pie.

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