Stick to the Facts

Republican antics backfire !

Last Saturday, the Northfield News published an editorial by Doug Jones, Nerstrand, in response to my announcement of my candidacy.

Letters to the Editor
Web Posted Saturday, February 28, 2004

Wednesday, the Northfield News printed a correction, and also printed my response to the false statements of fact about my campaign financing.

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The News regrets these errors.

Stick to the facts

To the editor:
I noticed that Saturday’s Northfield News contained an unusually long letter to the editor by a Nerstrand resident. The writer announced, to my surprise and amazement, that I spent $100,000 on my House campaign in 2002 and took no matching funds. These are false statements. Now of course, the writer is entitled to share his opinion, no matter how odd, on economics or nuclear energy, or even ice chunks being flung a quarter of a mile. I’m a public figure and that’s how it goes. However, it is a serious problem that the writer would write such a flagrant untruth about my campaign finances without apparent regard for the facts, which are public information on record with the Campaign Finance Board and available on request. I am also very concerned that the Northfield News would publish a letter with such extreme claims without checking the basis for his claim. The Northfield News must take greater care in publishing inflammatory statements of “fact” that can be easily checked. And while I certainly believe that my opponent, Ray Cox, had nothing to do with this letter, supporters like the writer do not help his campaign for re-election. I have requested a retraction and correction through my attorney, and hope that it will be placed as prominently as the writer’s letter.
David Bly

The editorial contained false statements about my campaign financing. Campaign finances are all a matter of easily obtainable public record. Much is available on the web and what isn’t on the web is available from the Campaign Finance Board (800) 657-3889 or (651) 296-5148.

Look at the reports — it’s all public information. In my campaign’s report you’ll see the lack of large donors, a lack of lobbyist contributors, the sources of my PAC contributions, and high rate of PCR participation. This shows my campaign’s broad base of grassroots support. I aim to double that base of support in this campaign.

To find reported large donors to any campaign, individual, PAC, lobbyist, party, click on this link, then click on ‘candidate’ link on left, and search by candidate name.

To find reported donations of individual contributors, click on this link, then click ‘individual’ link on left, and search by the individual’s name.

To find number of a candidate’s donors participating in the Political Contribution Refund Program, click on this link and scroll down to find the particular candidate.

The campaign finance information shows the real story. The David Bly campaign has strong grassroots support, repeat contributors and a loyal bunch of volunteers. Editorials like that certainly don’t help Ray Cox, and I don’t believe he is responsible. I expect we’ll have a fair and honest election process going forward.

I’m ready for a spirited campaign!

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