The Middle Class Amendment

middle-class-amendmentDuring my last campaign I talked frequently about a “Middle Class Amendment” I was working on. I discussed five (5) building blocks on which to build and strengthen our current middle class. Those 5 blocks are:

1. Transportation
2. Education
3. Health Care
4. A Living Wage
5. Clean Environment

These five building blocks are the essence of the middle class. They are the cornerstones of a stable middle class society that provides opportunities for everyone.

You have heard President Barack Obama repeatedly discuss, throughout his election campaign, about saving the middle class. Just recently he selected Vice President Joe Biden to head up the new “Middle Class Task Force.” As Vice President Biden said recently “History shows us that when our middle class is strong, our nation is strong.”

We can achieve a strong and established middle class by supporting these five building blocks. Rebuilding our middle class will provide opportunities for us and our future generations. As our late Senator Paul Wellstone once said “We all do better when we all do better.” These words are as true today as they were years ago.

Please refer to this website and read my booklet on the Middle Class Amendment. Join me in support of this cause.

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