Turning Challenges into Opportunities


2014-01-17 08.56.33

I recently had the pleasure of touring the Northfield High School with the Senate Education Committee chair, Sen. Wiger and Sen. Dahle.  We visited the 9th grade Academy, the TORCH program and a High Tech Robotics class that Mark Woitalla (seen above) teaches.  This visit and a fair amount of thinking and reading I’ve been doing about how we truly get our economy back on its feet prompted me to write an article recently.  Although there is good news about the improving job climate in the state they are not always the kinds of jobs that will create the vibrant economy we need.  So many good manufacturing jobs have been lost to outsourcing to other countries that we need to find new ways to create these kinds of jobs.  Here is the link to a recent opinion piece I wrote for the Northfield News, you’ll also find mention of the recent Climate Change event that occurred Jan. 18th at St. Olaf :

“Turning Challenges into Opportunities”


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