Welcome to my new web site and weblog, designed for me to easily post information, comments and opinions about whatever interests me — as well as to get input from you, the citizens of Minnesota.

There’s lots to talk about: What kind of future are we creating for ourselves? What direction are we heading in as a state and a nation? What should we be doing differently? How can we set a new course? What is the future of our democracy? Are we making progress on education reform, health care reform and economic justice? I’ll offer some resources and reactions to some of the thinkers I’ve been reading.

Please feel free to contribute, argue with me, support my ideas, and offer your own. I hope that by drawing attention to issues we can increase our understanding of the struggles we face and together begin to generate solutions that can create the future we need. Along the way, we’ll get to know each other a little better and I hope you’ll share your dreams and your vision of what society should be like.

So let’s start the dialog, and let’s be clear about where we’re headed. Let’s get under the veneer of this conservative adminstrations’ agenda and expose it for what it is. Most importantly, it’s time to act! This is no time for apathy, acquiesence, abdication, and disgust, because we have to live with the consequences — it’s time to act – to act thoughtfully, deliberately, and effectively.

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