What does the future hold?

globe-largeWe must secure for our children and grandchildren a recovery that lays the foundation for a good and prosperous life and not a mountain of debt placed at their feet by the misbehavior of others.

I want schools that work, a transportation system that can deliver the goods, a health care system that values people more than profit, and a world we will want to live and grow in and jobs that can support a family in a healthy economy. We have a lot of work to do and we have learned policies that do not reflect an understanding that the cost of a good society must be met with proper investments or we are doomed to fail.

Increased job losses and home foreclosures are not positive signs of hope. This is why I think we need a different approach. An amendment to our constitution to protect our middle class society would go a long way toward assuring the kind of recovery we need. A recovery that would make sure local economies can once again be strong and vibrant.

This is exactly what my project organized to save the middle class attempts to do.

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We need a new way to look at our country and our economy to bring us back to that time when we all had opportunity and the potential to improve our lives.

The middle class amendment would put the people first. For too long we have been governed by the notion that profits at the top would trickle down to the rest of us. But as we have seen this does not happen and instead of restoring commitments made to workers we are seeing those promises broken by the need to rebuild the old wealth structure. We see a retreat from the very investments we need to maintain our equal opportunity society. Transportation, education, health care etc. all the things we need to sustain our middle class.

My amendment project is about securing a recovery that benefits everyone and ultimately strengthens our democracy and our future by laying out a roadmap for recovery. I discovered a similar sentiment in a recent blog entry.

Robert Reich in his blog wonders “When Will The Recovery Begin? Never.”reich

The so-called “green shoots” of recovery are turning brown in the scorching summer sun. In fact, the whole debate about when and how a recovery will begin is wrongly framed. On one side are the V-shapers who look back at prior recessions and conclude that the faster an economy drops, the faster it gets back on track. And because this economy fell off a cliff late last fall, they expect it to roar to life early next year. Hence the “V” shape . . . (Read more)

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