David Bly on the Issues

I have been visiting with voters and I’ve heard concerns about educational funding, the rising cost of health care, and protecting our environment. I welcome your e-mails and calls if you have an issue you would like to discuss. I’d like to hear more of your thoughts and concerns, so please e-mail me at david@davidbly.com or call 507-645-8328.


Though there are not a lot of options for state legislators there are policies that can improve growth and create jobs.  One option to help out our beleaguered construction workers is to pass a bonding bill for much needed projects.  Interests are low and costs are down – it’s a good time to invest in our infrastructure.  This will last for years to come and put our skilled workers on the job.

Health care:

I hear more and more stories that people can’t afford or can’t get access to health care insurance and therefore have limited access to health care. Even those who have insurance find they are paying more and more out of pocket costs for their care. I’d like us to address these concerns while still being fiscally prudent.

I, along with several other legislators, co-authored the Minnesota Health Plan, which I believe offers the best chance of meeting the health needs of Minnesota citizens. It provides comprehensive care to all Minnesotans by preserving choice of health providers and saving money in our system.

We have one of the most expensive health care systems in the world and yet many people are just not able to benefit from it.  Even doctors are suggesting we need a better system.  In order to be productive, we need both affordable and quality health care.  Too many families are finding themselves trapped in health care nightmares.


Study after study shows the importance of education to our future as an economic power in the world. Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce, and Minnesota is known for its smart and hardworking workers. From crowded classrooms to dropping programs, our school districts are really struggling.   It is responsible and right to adequately fund schools while we demand an efficient and effective educational system. In addition, research has shown the importance of early childhood programs and early intervention as an intervention that pays dividends in the future. I also hear growing concerns about the amount of debt college students carry and the cost of higher education. We need to invest in people and higher education that is an investment not just in individuals but in society as a whole.


I’d like to see Minnesota support new, green energy jobs.  Minnesotans need good paying jobs in order to take care of our families. I support programs which help people get back on their feet so they can better take care of themselves.


Let’s continue our work towards higher standards and a cleaner quality of life.  We need to work together with farmers and business owners while we maintain our beautiful Minnesota lakes and streams.

Energy and Climate Change:


In Minnesota we’ve got to be able to heat our homes and drive to work. The cost of fuel drives up the cost of everything else. We can have perhaps the greatest effect on prices by conserving energy, creating more fuel-efficient vehicles and moving to renewable and alternative fuels. Scientists tell us that earth is warmer than it’s ever been and much of the heat is coming from human practices. We need to address this and do what we can to slow the warming of our planet.



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