Economy Talk 8: Taxes and business with Leota Goodney, CPA

Economy Talk this week focuses on business taxes with Leota Goodney. Leota Goodney, is a licensed as a CPA certified financial planner. She started her firm in 1981. Her interests are in tax law and elder care. In her work she helps individuals and small businesses understand and manage their financial affairs. She offers personalized […]

Saturday May 21 and Today

After having visited the Capitol on Saturday, standing with protesters and then listening to the lengthy debate about the constitutional amendment banning Gay marriage, I woke this morning and grabbed a book to read.  The book was Carlos Buloson’s “America is in the Heart.” Carlos was a Filipino Poet who came to America in 1930 […]

Economy talk 7: How has the downturn affected local business?

Join me May 18th at 6pm for a new installment and conversation about the economy with business owner Karl Vohs. Karl owns and manages a flooring business in Faribault.  As you might imagine the housing market slow down has been hard on his business, we talk about how he has adapted and what he thinks […]

Economy Talk 6: D. Arnie Arnesen

My friend Arnie Arnesen was in town to moderate several panels for the St. Olaf Economic Summit held April 15th this year. I asked if she could join me for a brief half hour interview.  This week’s show (May 11th, 6pm, KYMN Radio) is a recording of that conversation. Those of you who don’t know her here […]

Economy Talk 5: Building a Local Economy

This Wed. May 4, at 6pm listen to my conversation with Reginaldo (Regi) Haslett-Marroquin, Program Director, Rural Enterprise Center and founder of Hillside Farmers Cooperative. Regi launched the Rural Enterprise Center program of Main Street Project in 2006, but has a long history of successful transnational entrepreneurial leadership. He began working on economic development projects […]

Free Event: Artists on Stage for Health Care

The Campaign for the Minnesota Health Plan is sponsoring a free evening of entertainment and speakers on May 2nd at 7:00 PM at the Park Square Theater, 20 W. 7th Place in St. Paul. Featured artists are guitarist Michael Hauser, playwright, author and NPR commentator Kevin Kling, musician and speaker Pop Wagner, visual artists Patty […]

Economy Talk 4: Do the Right Thing

“Do the right thing in the right way all the time”  Tor Dahl says he found this quote on the tallest statue of Buddha in China.  It has been a guide for him since and he says he recognized it as the sentiment that has shaped his life.  In my conversation with Tor Dahl he […]

Crossed wires

Well this is too bad.  I guess it comes of having too many radio programs ready to go.  I was expecting KYMN to air my interview with Reginaldo (Regi) Haslett-Marroquin, Program Director, Rural Enterprise Centerand founder of Hillside Farmers Cooperative. But instead a program I recorded with Economist Tor Dahl  aired. Sorry for the confusion.  I had […]

Wayne Eddy Affair | David Bly

Several of weeks ago I sat down with local radio host Wayne Eddy here is the result: David Bly, educator, former State Representative, and host of “Economy Talk” Wednesdays on KYMN, pays Wayne another visit. Part 1 and 2 Listen in to the Wayne Eddy Affair every weekday. Monday through Thursday, 9:00-11:00 a.m. Fridays from […]