Rally for the People

      In early April I joined about a hundred other concerned citizens to express concerns about policies across the country that undermine the rights of citizens.  Several spoke including myself and former Senator Kevin Dahle.  Here is the text of my speech on that day: We are in the “best of times and […]

Economy Talk 3

Postponed until next week due to early start of Twins game. Go Twins! Tune in April 13, at 6pm for the next installment. You can now listen to the first two programs archived on the KYMN radio website.

Attack on Teachers

Across America it seems the attack on teachers that began in the 1980s to lay blame first for lagging economy and then for failing students is in high gear. Politicians not wanting to face up to the failures of our economic system to spread fairness and opportunity decided to standardize our schools and turn every […]

Economy Talk 2

Wed. March 30th at 6pm you can listen to installment two of “Economy Talk.”  This week I am talking with Prof. Steve Soderlind about his current primary concern, “Are the Kids all right?”  Steve teaches Urban and Regional Economics, Economic Principles, Evolutionary Economics, Consumer Economics. We explore the current struggles in making sure the generation […]

“Economy Talk”

“Economy Talk” a new radio program I am hosting begins Wed. March 23rd at 6pm. (CDT) on KYMN radio 1080 AM.  It will be a series of informal conversations about the economy with people who make the economy their main interest.  I start with an interview with St. Olaf Professor of Economics, Dr. E. David […]

Finding New Heroes

The other day my friend Arnie Arneson, radio host for “Political Chowder” sent me an article from the New Hampshire Portland Press Herald explaining reactions to Gov. Paul LePage’s proposed budget $6.1 billion spending package in which he proposes to raid teacher benefits and pensions to pay for a huge tax cut for wealthy Mainers. […]

Afternoon in Rushford

Last Saturday I took a trek down to Rushford Minnesota to join other DFLers in a discussion of Gov. Dayton’s proposal to ‘tax the rich.’ Former State Rep. (31B) Ken Tschumper had organized the event and invited several other local folks to join him. Here is the agenda: Everything about Budget Projections Ken Tschumper; former […]

Renewing a promise

Recent news from Wisconsin and Ohio show a growing willingness of people to draw together to speak out against what they perceive as injustice and a denial of democracy. The issues are somewhat misrepresented in the larger media siding with the New Republican Governor’s wanting to take away the rights of public employee union members […]

Managed Care for Disabled: HMO money grab or fiscal prudence?

Should administration of Minnesota’s  public health programs for those with disabilities be transferred into a program administered by insurance companies?  The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that CEOs from seven major health plans and providers have come up with their own plan to streamline Minnesota’s Medicaid program. According to an