Health Care Forum

Have you seen the movie "SiCKO?" Do you have health care stories too? Then join me Tuesday, 6 p.m., November 27 at Java Live in Faribault, 313 Central Ave N, to hear Kip Sullivan talk about what's wrong with our current health care system and how to fix it. Mr. Sullivan is a long time […]

Mayor’s Energy Task Force

The latest news reports tell us that consumers will be paying more this year for their Thanksgiving dinners. Not only for the food they put on their tables but for the energy that brought it there – as well as the energy they use to prepare their traditional Thanksgiving meal. Energy and food prices will […]


I received the following update from Rep. Rick Hansen and thought I would pass it on:  The public can attend one of three workshops at the end of November and early December where comments will be collected as part of the Robert Street Corridor Transit Feasibility Study. The study will evaluate transit alternatives to identify […]

Deadline for High School Page Program is coming up

November 16th is the deadline for applications to the House of Representatives Page Program for High School Juniors.  Here are some details from the Sergeant at Arms webpage:  The Minnesota High School Page Program offers students a unique opportunity to examine what they have learned in the classroom under real life circumstances. During every program […]

GRANT OPPORTUNITY – Training future health care workers

The State Register has an announcement regarding a $139,000 grant program in FY 2008, with a maximum of single award of $40,000.¬† The grants are intended to develop intergenerational programs and getting¬†hub service provider to encourage middle and high school students to work and volunteer in health care and long-term care settings. The Minnesota Departments […]


Many Minnesota soldiers have recently returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan. They have spent the last weeks and months readjusting to life at home. Many are eager to move forward with their lives now by returning to school or seeking employment. The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development is helping in that effort through […]

David Kjerland’s Celebration of Life

Last week I attend a celebration for David Kjerland who passed away on his birthday October 15th.  I was honored to read excerpts from an interview David gave about his experience teaching in Alabama in 1965.  It is not difficult to understand how this shaped David's life.  You can find a copy of the interview […]

Teaching and Legislating make for a busy schedule

I am now just finishing my first quarter teaching again at the ALC and I am finding it a challenge to keep up with all the demands of teaching at the same time I try to meet the demands of being a legislator.  I still find both jobs interesting and invigorating.  I have two interim […]

Rangers consider run for Governor

I received word yesterday that not only was State Senator Bakk thinking of running for Governor but my front row seat mate, Rep. Tom Rukavina is thinking of a 2010 run for the State's top job. Rep. Rukavina has not been afraid to take on the Governor on numerous occasions as he does here in […]