My First Week at the Capitol

I was sworn in on Wednesday following meetings with Early Childhood Committee chair, Nora Slawik and the DFL Caucus leadership.  I was joined in the house chamber by two friends and supporters – Cary Coop from Belle Plaine and Cynthia Child of Northfield.  I tried to talk my kids in to coming too but Julia […]

Campaign Ad: KYMN

Podcast of Campaign Advertisement. KYMN Radio Station, October 23rd, 2006, Pre-Election 2006 Podcast of Campaign Advertisement. Pre-Election 2006 HEAR: KYMN Radio Station Advertisment, October 23, 2006 GET NOTIFIED (you need a reader):  Get the feed. LISTEN ON ITUNES:   Or, go to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast.  You might first need to download the iTunes software if you […]

A New Leaf

I have been spending a fair amount of time this week packing up my school career, at least it feels that way. For years I taught numerous subjects at the ALC and I had the philosophy working with resistant learners that it was important to find something of interest to them. So I accumulated quite […]

Happy Holidays

I am hoping the season of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year has brought good cheer and good will to all of you. I am settling in to my new responsibility and trying to meet with individuals and groups with local concerns as well as meeting with caucus members about challenges and priorities. Speaker-elect Margaret Kelliher […]


      There have been some beautiful sunsets recently, this one taken near Nerstrand. I greatly appreciate the many greetings and congratulatory notes I have received.  It has been nice to hear from all of you.  Please continue to write and call as I want to be a good ear.   It has been […]

Election Update

I find it refreshing to be back at school with students after a long campaign season. But with the results of the election, my mind is often on other things too.   Last Thursday I attended the DFL caucus meeting to elect Margaret Anderson Keliher the new Speaker and Tony Sertich the new Majority Leader. […]

Thank You!

Thank you, this has been a great campaign and it has been a pleasure to meet and work with all of you. There are so many individuals who deserve an individual thank you and hopefully I will get to that before the end of this week. This message will have to suffice until then. This […]

Get Down with ‘Down Lo’ and Get Out the Vote

  Oct. 29, 2006:  Those of you who know Mark Grundhoefer and Down Lo's  music won’t want to miss this rally at Carleton's Cave. Come help us rock the vote this Sunday evening at The Cave at Carleton College from 7 to 10 p.m.

Bonnie and the Clydes

Oct. 28, this Saturday the Bly Campaign is hosting a volunteer appreciation and campaign rally at the Eagles Club (304 S. Water St.) from 6 to 9pm.  Entertainment provided by “Bonnie and the Clydes,” so come on down and join us for political talk, pizza and fine music.