Rethinking Minnesota Taxes

A Changing Share of the Pot “The cost of government in Minnesota today is significantly lower than a decade ago, but the little guy is picking up a greater share of the tab,” writes Mike Meyers, Star Tribune National Economics Correspondent. “State and local revenue this year will represent 15.7 percent of total Minnesota personal […]

Teacher Salaries

I want to offer some clarification on comments that the district has budgeted increases for its employees at 4% and 5% and the suggestion that teachers have seen this level of salary increase in the past 4 to 6 years. It was also suggested that if the district did not follow through on giving this […]


I joined Hilary Ziols, and Georgiana and Arthur Campbell for the Cannon River Watershed spring tour of land conservation efforts in the Cannon River Watershed on Saturday, April 2nd. We started at the Morristown Dam Park at 1 p.m., where we met Hugh Valiant, CRWP Board member and DNR Fisheries Area Manager. He lead the […]

Rethinking Minnesota Taxes

“Rethinking Minnesota Taxes” Discussion in Northfield, Minnesota Can Minnesota’s tax system be fairer for families and better for business growth? Growth & Justice says YES!Join us for a presentation of the Growth & Justice tax proposal presented by Joel Kramer, Growth & Justice Executive Director After more than a year of research and public discussions […]

Negative Campaigning and Partisan Politics

I received a memorable sample book when I was working in an elementary school program for emotionally disturbed children. The book dealing with behavior problems had the catchy and descriptive title, He Hit Me Back First. This book and title come back to me whenever I hear the complaint that so and so is indulging […]

Transmission 1001: It’s All Connected

If you’ve been following the energy theme in this blog, here’s something you might find of interest: How our transmission grid works and doesn’t work, some pendinginfrastructure commitments that shape our energy future, and whatyou can do about it, with tips on effective public participation. Carol A. OverlandUtility Regulatory Attorney Thursday, March 17 @ 7p […]


I received earlier today an update from Charles Skinner concerning the importance of following the rules when it comes to EAW requirements for operation of feedlots over 1000 animal units. Gordon Cumming will present information to the County Board regarding the Boards consideration of a CUP (conditional use permit) request without an EAW (Environmental Assessment […]

An Ignorant People Cannot Remain a Free People

To quote Michael Ventura, “Sam Adams, like many of our founders, believed democracy would flourish ‘as long as education was extended to the masses.’ An ignorant people cannot remain a free people.” No Child Left Behind the President’s unprecedented education policy remains the focus of much debate across the country. This was no exception at […]

The State of the Economy

The State of the Economy“The US economy is headed toward crisis, and the political leadership of the country–if it can be called leadership–is preoccupied with nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. The US economy is failing. The afflictions are serious. They could be fatal even if diagnosed and treated. America is losing […]