Harriet Island Labor Day Gathering

As many labor advocates might say, ‘it’s not been a picnic’ the last few years for working people. As Mark Weisbrot says, “No matter how you slice it, most US workers are worse off than they were at this time last year. The average real wage – that is, adjusted for inflation – has actually […]


Sign o’ the times – it’s that time of the election season when campaign signs are sprouting up like crocus (or purple loosestrife, depending on your take. . . ), and now’s the time to call. If you’re in the district, call campaign headquarters for a David Bly for House sign, (507) 664-0155, or drop […]

Bly and Pie in the Park

We held our final “Bly and Pie in the Park” event in Northfield, at Way Park. A beautiful summer evening promoted conversation and good will. After serving up slices of pie, I visited and took questions from neighbors. Blueberry was by far the most popular pie, though apple and rhubarb were popular too. An interesting […]

Ideas should be based on facts

“Ideas should be based on facts.” I could not agree more. A recent letter writer took me to task for suggesting that our country was founded on principles of equality. He accuses me of misrepresenting history and claims my statement that “This country was formed in resistance to rule by a privileged elite, and I […]

Community Issues Candidate Forum – Part I

“Where are we headed?” That is the most important question I rhetorically asked voters attending the Community issues forum at Carleton College’s AGH on Thursday night (see Ray’s blog). The biggest issue facing us in the coming legislative session is, once again, a large looming deficit. The State economist’s rosiest prediction is that we face […]

Family Reunion

It may well have been planning too much to host a family reunion in the midst of my hectic campaign, but I agreed to host it three years ago and I did not want to disappoint my cousins. So last week, I spent what ever time I could spare and then some visiting with relatives […]

Economic Debate

Ray Cox responded to my economic blog in a roundabout way, saying he is, “very optimistic about the national economy and our state economy as well. Some folks are out there with the same old “doom and gloom” rhetoric but I don’t buy into that message at all….in fact, it is a very pessimistic, stale […]

Our Economic Outlook

Robert Reich recently presented an audio essay on NPR’s Marketplace in which he talked about dividing up the economic pie. “The American Economic Pie is growing,” he says, “at a solid pace, the odd thing is how it is sliced — a portion going to profits and a portion going to wages. The wage slice […]


I visited with other members of Just Food Co-op, who were invited to the Public Library to hear an update on progress and planning for the new co-op. We also met the new manager, Stuart Reid, and other Co-op staff. After a brief discussion visitors were shown the dvd, “Sweet Soil: Local Farmers & the […]